WIB is run almost entirely by volunteers. Our Presidents, Treasurer, Board members, National Director Emeritus, Chapter leaders and National Committee leaders are all full time professionals who run WIB on a volunteer basis. We coordinate our efforts through regular meetings, teleconferences, as well as on a secured webpage (Login for WIB National and Chapter Chairs).

WIB Board of Directors

President and Chair of the Board
Dawn Hocevar, Vice President National Business Development, BioSurplus
President Elect Cassidy Cantin, Consultant, Latham BioPharm Group
President Emeritus
Kristi Sarno, Senior Consultant, Latham BioPharm Group
Secretary Jamie Griffin, MS, MBA, Management Consultant, Life Sciences
Treasurer Debra Chamra, MA, CPA,  Life Sciences Financial Consultant
National Marketing Director Stacie Byars, President & CEO, SDByars Communications Consulting LLC
Board Member Pat Larrabee, MS, President, Facility Logix, LLC
Board Member Simone Fishburn*, Editor, BioCentury Innovations
Board Member Paula Kasler, JD, Legal Counsel to Life Sciences Companies
Board Member Mona Chadha, MBA, Chief Business Officer, Zebra Medical Technologies
Board Member Fran Schulz, BS, CPA, Partner, Ernst & Young
Board Member Debra Bowes*, BS, MBEE, President, Chevy Chase BioPartners
Board Member Carol Sokowolski, Managing Partner, 3Sail
Board Member  Lily Rin-LauresIntellectual Property Law
Board Member Theresa McNeely, EVP, Chief Communications Officer, OvaScience, Inc.
Board Member Dimitra Georganopoulou*, PhD, Innovation and Commercialization Officer of INVO

  *Past presidents of WIB

WIB Staff

Executive Director
Jamie Griffin, MS, MBA   
Communications Coordinator  Ted Savides, PhD
Events & Database Coordinator     Shannon Lachance
Graphic Designer Sandy Poenitsch
Relationship Coordinator Kelly Williams





Chapter Leaders

WIB-Atlanta  [Atlanta, GA] Suzanne Shope
WIB-Austin Area [Austin, TX] Monica Berrondo
WIB-Greater Boston [Boston, MA]   Michelle Linn
WIB-Chicago [Chicago, IL] Dima Elissa
WIB-Greater Montreal [Montreal, Canada]   Pamela Shaver-Walker, Mary Perri
WIB-New York Metro [New York, NY] Faith Charles
WIB-Philadelphia [Philadelphia, PA] Dunni Odumosu
WIB-Pittsburgh [Pittsburgh, PA] Stephanie Kladakis
WIB-RTP  [Research Triangle Park, NC] Aga Truax
WIB-San Francisco Bay Area [San Francisco, CA]   Michelle Zeman
WIB-Seattle Metro [Seattle, WA] Shannon Dennis
WIB-Southern California [San Diego, CA] Alyssa Master
WIB-Washington DC/ Baltimore [Washington DC] Julia Pinkhasov


WIB National Committee Leaders

Women In Bio national committees work with respective committee chairs in each chapter and help drive the growth of the whole organization.

Communications Committee
Chair: Winnie Pong
Vice Chair: Alice Ku

Funding Committee
Chair: Chris Meda
Vice Chair: Erin Lawless-Miller

Grants Procurement Committee

Membership Committee
Chair: Julie Langdon
Vice Chair: Rebecca Watters

Member Benefits Committee

Mentors, Advisors, and Peers (MAPs) Committee
Vice Chair: Angela Furlanetto

Program (Events) Committee
Chair: Janice Vatland
Vice Chair: Deborah Blake

Special Events Committee
Co-Chair: Vicki Hurless
Co-Chair: Valerie Simonsen
Vice-Chair: Ikbel Achour

Young Women In Bio (YWIB)
Chair: Lily Wound
Co-Vice Chair: Stephanie Mixson Byrd
o-Vice Chair: Elise Hartley

Executive Leadership Development Committee 
Co-Chair: Jessica Swartz
Co-Chair: Yasmin Chandrasekher

Boardroom Ready Committee (Sub-committee of ELDC)
Chair: Carolyn Brougham
Vice Chair: Elese Hanson