National Director Emeritus

WIB women

The National Director Emeritus is designed to bring together Founders, former Presidents and former long-serving Board members as a brain-trust for WIB. They provide advice and historic perspective of WIB to Chapters Chairs, current sitting Board members and current Presidents.

Former President Lynn Johnson Langer, PhD, MBA, Director, Enterprise & Regulatory Affairs Program, Center for Biotechnology Education, Johns Hopkins University
Former President
Phyllis Dillinger, MBA, President, AC1
Former President Debra Bowes, BS, MBEE, Founder & President, Chevy Chase BioPartners
Former President Gianna Arnold, Partner, Vice Chair Life Science Industry Group, Saul Ewing LLP
Former President Dimitra Georganopoulou*, PhD, Innovation and Commercialization Officer of INVO
Former President Simone Fishburn*, Editor, BioCentury Innovations
Board Member Juli Anne Callis, Independent Consultant
Board Member Marissa Goodenough, Marketing & Communications Manager, Eagle Genomics Ltd
Founder Robbie Melton, Executive Director & CEO, High Technology Development Corporation
Founder Cynthia W. Hu, JD, Chief Operating Officer, CASI Pharmaceuticals