WIB at BIO 2013 with JILL MILNE, Ph.D.


Buzzing and Busy at BIO 2013

Women are increasing their profile in biotech, and nowhere was this more evident than at the WIB events at BIO2013 in Chicago. For the first time, WIB held its Annual Celebration at BIO, enabling members from around the country to meet and mingle against the stunning backdrop of Chicago seen from the gourmet Metropolitan Club of the Sears (Willis) Tower. Over 275 people enjoyed the keynote speech by Dr. Jill Milne, CEO of Catabasis, heard the inspiring stories of some of the Fierce Biotech women leaders presented by Jennifer Levin, Managing Editor, Life Sciences, FierceBiotech, and then chatted, networked, ate and drank well into the warm summer evening.

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