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Welcome to Our 2023–2024 Class of YWIB Ambassadors!

Young Women In Bio (YWIB) is proud to announce our 4th class of YWIB Ambassadors, a group of high school girls demonstrating leadership and passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and interested in championing and supporting YWIB’s efforts to create educational and other opportunities in STEM for young girls, both locally and nationally.

Each YWIB Ambassador will assist in one of our 12 chapters or WIB-National to promote STEM within her school, local community, and online. She will also encourage other girls in their quests to make a difference. Applications were evaluated by local YWIB chapter leaders based on the applicant’s involvement in STEM activities and leadership capabilities, as well as vision, creativity, and enthusiasm for helping YWIB’s efforts in person and online. The YWIB Ambassador program is an initiative created by YWIB in response to the growing number of girls who are looking for ways to get involved and help lead efforts to accelerate and encourage STEM opportunities for girls in their communities and beyond. Ambassadors will be integral to the planning of events and programs hosted by their local chapter. They will also actively engage with YWIB to raise awareness in STEM and encourage girls both locally and nationally to pursue their passion for STEM.

At the end of their term, Ambassadors can apply for a scholarship that will be awarded to the YWIB Ambassador who has best exemplified YWIB’s mission: to empower today’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders, helping them affect positive change in the worlds of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Learn more about our YWIB Ambassador program!

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