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Thank you to our partners!

Women In Bio has alliances with many complementary organizations who share the mission of helping women advance their careers in life sciences.

BIO is the world’s largest trade association representing all  sectors of the biotech industry including companies, universities, government and non-profit organizations.  Women In Bio has a long-standing alliance with BIO and holds its annual celebration at the  BIO International Convention each year. WIB also is an exhibitor and holds Meetups at the BIO convention, which serves as a key venue for people around the country and the world to get together, expand their network and benefit from both organizations.

The BioTechX USA Conference covers diagnostics, precision medicine, and digital transformation in pharmaceutical development and healthcare. Now running for the second year, the conference is bringing conversations to the East Coast and hope to both maintain and foster new relations with key stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

The BioTechX USA Conference will be held September 17–18, 2024 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. WIB members can click here for more information and a discount code for tickets.

Sparking discussion between pharma, biotech, physicians, payers and developers, the Festival of Biologics aims to bring together senior biologics professionals across the value chain to showcase their research, collaborate on challenges, forge new connections and ultimately advance the industry to improve patient health. The Festival of Biologics is the meeting place for the life science community to bridge the gap between academia and industry and will meet in San Diego, April 15–17, 2024. WIB members can click here to navigate to our members-only discount page to find the link to apply for a free pass.

SmartBrief has partnered with Women In Bio to produce the weekly free WIB-SmartBrief newsletter covering women making news in biosciences. For a free subscription, register here.

Women’s Health Innovation Coalition is a coalition of organizations advocating and promoting greater attention, research, and investment in diseases, conditions, and indications that exclusively or predominantly impact women. Understanding that women are biologically different from their male counterparts has led to identifying gaps in women’s health outcomes. This has created new opportunities to fill these gaps through sourcing solutions from innovators. Women’s Health Innovation Coalition has made it a priority to prove that women’s health is not a niche market and is driving the initiative to promote greater gender-relevant data transparency to spur innovation and better health outcomes for all.