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WIB National Newsletter December 2023

Dear WIB Community,

As we near year’s end and my first six months as Executive Director, I wanted to reflect on the collective efforts of so many working to propel our organization forward.

To each member of the WIB family, your dedication, passion, and hard work have made these moments possible. From our board members to our donors, partners, staff, and the incredible individuals who contribute to our cause, your collective efforts are propelling us to new heights.

It’s you, the individuals, who lift and warm this organization into a community of collaboration and support. One of the highlights of the past six months was the opportunity to connect with literally
hundreds of volunteers and members during the BIO week and various chapter programs. These interactions not only enriched my understanding of our vibrant community but also reinforced the
strength and diversity that define our organization.

The successes of the past six months are a strong foundation for the future, and I am confident that our continued collaboration and shared dedication will lead to even greater accomplishments in the months and years to come.

Wishing you all a joyous holiday season and a prosperous new year filled with continued success
and fulfillment.

Warm Regards,
Gina Ford

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