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WIB National Newsletter January 2023

Welcome 2023, and welcome to the new and refreshed version of the WIB newsletter!

Starting with this issue, WIB Matters monthly newsletters will cover a specific topic each month, and showcase content that is Engaging, Educating, or Empowering. In the Engage section, you will find events to register for, programs to sign up for, and more content you can directly engage with. In the Educate section, you will find insightful articles, TED Talks, think pieces, and more, all related to our monthly topic. In the Empower section, you will find program updates, inspirational stories, spotlights on WIB members and trail-blazing women in the life sciences, and more! Finally, the last section of National Updates will include the latest news from WIB-National.

The topic for this month is Mentorship. Our Mentorship, Advisors, Peers, and Sponsorship (MAPS) program is one of our key initiatives and aims to bring together mentors and mentees of all career levels to build a community of peers that learn from and grow with each other. Did you know that only 37% of people have mentors, yet over 70% of people understand the importance of having one? Mentorship for women in STEM and life sciences is even more scarce, so we work together to change the field.

We hope you enjoy this new format of the newsletter, and as always, we welcome any feedback!

Happy New Year, and happy reading!

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