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Thank you to Carolyn Brougham, a Champion for Women in the Boardroom

We want to take the time to recognize and thank a phenomenal Women In Bio volunteer, Carolyn Brougham. For more than six years, Carolyn has given her time to Executive Women In Bio’s Boardroom Ready program, making it the award-winning program it is today. She played a critical role in the program’s ability to place more than 130 women on corporate boards in the life sciences. We are incredibly grateful for her time, skills, and expertise that supported the WIB mission.

Carolyn Brougham
Boardroom Ready Founder

Carolyn saw that women have historically been underrepresented in corporate boardrooms, despite evidence showing that diverse perspectives and experiences can lead to better decision-making and financial performance for companies. As a mother, wife, and attorney, she worked to increase the number of women on corporate boards to address this imbalance and bring about positive change.

Her efforts significantly impacted the Boardroom Ready program, the Alumnae, and the companies and organizations they serve. She used her network to increase the representation of women on corporate boards but also created opportunities for women to make an impact in the life science industry. The time she spent volunteering for Women In Bio is an excellent example of how individuals can drive positive change in their communities by volunteering their time and expertise for a cause they care about.

Carolyn’s efforts are the embodiment of a volunteer helping a small organization connect with the life-science community and build relationships with potential supporters, donors, and partners. By volunteering her time, she helped raise awareness of the organization’s work and helped it to build a strong network of supporters.

Carolyn, on behalf of Women In Bio, thank you for your time and committed work to ensure gender diversity in life science boardrooms.

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